About Sub-Saharan Monitor

The original Sub-Saharan Monitor was one of several newsletters published in the early 1990s by the International Freedom Foundation, with offices in London, Pretoria, and Washington, D.C.

That newsletter's editor was Richard Sincere, who also served as the IFF's director of African affairs and edited its quarterly journal, terra nova.

After a hiatus of several years, Sub-Saharan Monitor was briefly revived as an on-line only publication, again under the editorship of Richard Sincere.

In its newest incarnation, Sub-Saharan Monitor is a news aggregator with an aim to become a provider of original reporting and content for readers interested in events and trends in Africa south of the Sahara.  Emphasis is on economic and business news with an appropriate admixture of information about politics and culture.

Readers are invited to submit story ideas, news tips, and comments through the "contact us" page.