Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Africa Book of the Day - 31 May 2014

Displacement Economies in Africa: Paradoxes of Crisis and Creativity by Amanda Hammar

Release Date: June 2, 2014
Publisher: Zed Books

Large-scale displacement - whether caused by war, state-related political or development projects, different forms of political violence, structural crisis, or even natural disasters - evokes many stereotyped assumptions about those forcibly displaced or emplaced. At the same time there is a problematic lack of attention paid to those who benefit economically from, manage, or in various unexpected ways are affected by processes of displacement.

In this highly original volume, based on empirical case studies from across sub-Saharan Africa, the authors provide fresh insights into the unexpected changes, complex agency and persistent dynamism entailed in displacement processes. In doing so, the book explores the diversity of actors, strategies and practices that reshape the world in the face (and chronic aftermath) of dramatic moments of violent dislocation and /or enclosure.

An important contribution to a topic of growing scholarly and policy interest.

Amanda Hammar is co-editor (with Brian Raftopoulos and Stig Jensen) of Zimbabwe's Unfinished Business (2000) and author of Zimbabwe and Norway (1996). She is professor of African studies at Copenhagen University.

Africa News Headlines for 31 May 2014

Mbabazi launches anti-corruption campaign
Source: New Vision

Malawi's New President and Vice President
Source: U.S. Department of State

West Africa seeks regional effort against Boko Haram
Source: Times of India/AFP

Africa needs some positive PR
Source: The Voice

5 Devastating Religious Conflicts in Africa That Will Make You Question All You Thought About Religion‏
Source: Atlanta Black Star

Wole Soyinka’s Tribute to Maya Angelou
Source: PM News Nigeria

Negotiating Democracy in Malawi
Source: Africa in Transition

Nigerian young entrepreneur nominated for Africa’s top award
Source: Premium Times

East African alliances necessary for U.S. to combat radicalism
Source: Foreign Policy Association

I was ambitious from childhood-Kola Aluko •On Forbes radar list of Africa’s 50 richest
Source: Nigerian Tribune

How to Find Charities That Are Worthy of Your Contributions
Source: Daily Finance

Reviving tourism sector in EA requires joint initiatives
Source: Daily News

Central African President: "We Will Come Out of This Crisis"

Einstein African search to expand to Tanzania
Source: Daily News

Presidency denies amnesty offer to Boko Haram
Source: The Sun

McIver dismisses Tutu as misinformed ‘celebrity’ on oilsands
Source: Calgary Herald

Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Africa Book of the Day - 29 May 2014

Ireland, Africa and the End of Empire: Small State Identity in the Cold War 1955-75 by Kevin O'Sullivan

Release Date: May 29, 2014
Publisher: Manchester University Press

In the twenty years after Ireland joined the UN in 1955, one subject dominated its fortunes: Africa. The first detailed study of Ireland's relationship with that continent, this book, now available in paperback, documents its special place in Irish history.

Adopting a highly original, and strongly comparative approach, it shows how small and middling powers like Ireland, Canada, the Netherlands and the Nordic states used Africa to shape their position in the international system, and how their influence waned with the rise of the Afro-Asian bloc. O'Sullivan chronicles Africa's impact on Irish foreign policy; the link between African decolonisation and Irish post-colonial identity; and the missionaries, aid workers, diplomats, peacekeepers, and anti-apartheid protesters at the heart of Irish popular understanding of the developing world.

Offering a fascinating account of small state diplomacy, and a unique perspective on African decolonisation, this book provides essential insight for scholars of Irish history, African history, international relations, and the history of NGOs, as well as anyone interested in Africa's important place in the Irish public imagination.

Kevin O'Sullivan is a lecturer in history at the National University of Ireland-Galway. He has contributed chapters to International Organizations and Development, 1945-1990 (forthcoming, 2014; edited by Marc Frey, Sonke Kunkel, and Corinna R Unger), Saints and Sinners: Official Development Aid and Its Dynamics in a Historical and Comparative Perspective (edited by Thorsten Borring Olesen, Helge O. Pharo, and Kristian Paaskesen), and Obligations and Responsibilities: Ireland and the United Nations, 1955-2005: Essays Marking Fifty Years of Ireland's United Nations Membership.

Africa News Headlines for 29 May 2014

BBC zones in on African audiences
Source: Independent Online

Lagarde Urges Africa to Act on Poverty
Source: International Business Times

Electrify Africa: bringing light to the dark continent
Source: Media Club South Africa

African Currencies Weaken, as Emerging Markets Bounce Back
Source: Wall Street Journal

Marlon Wayans To Host The 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards
Source: Vibe

Made in Africa: Is manufacturing taking off on the continent?
Source: BBC News

SABMiller Cleans Up South Africa's Bars to Attract Women
Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

5 reasons Bathurst may be South Africa's most eccentric town
Source: CNN

Africa Rising—Building to the Future
Source: International Monetary Fund

PM hails Nordic countries for supporting Uganda
Source: New Vision

AASU On The Current Student Strikes In Africa
Source: SpyGhana

IMF warns ‘rising’ African nations on sovereign debt risks
Source: Financial Times

Chinese investments taking root in Central African nation
Source: China Daily USA

African-focussed films to feature at Encounters Festival

Modern weather prediction for West African oil and gas operations
Source: Energy Global

With Swift, Quiet Moves, Nigerian Group Limits Religious Violence
Source: NPR

Investors show confidence in Nigeria’s hydrocarbons sector
Source: Oxford Business Group

Experts: Corruption Exposing Kenya to Terrorism
Source: ABC News/AP

S. Sudanese rebel leader meets Kenyan president in Nairobi
Source: Sudan Tribune

Kenyan president urges young people to bid for government contracts allocated to them
Source: Supply Management

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 28 May 2014

Making a hash(tag) of Africa policy
Source: The Hill

Gabon Oil Company to boost oil sales, eyes acquisitions
Source: Reuters

Independents stepping up role in Nigeria’s oil industry
Source: Business Day

China Turns To Africa For Resources, Jobs And Future Customers
Source: NPR's Fresh Air

Zebras take prize for longest terrestrial large mammal migration in Africa
Source: PBS Newshour

Interactive Map: Africa’s mixed progress on water and sanitation access
Source: Humanosphere

No sex please, we're parliamentarians: S.Africa's ANC
Source: Yahoo! News

U.S. Special Forces Worry #BringBackOurGirls Will Tweet Them Into Africa Like #Kony2012 Did
Source: The Wire

How is China expanding its economic empire in Africa?
Source: PRI's The World

E-learning Africa Conference opens in Uganda
Source: New Vision

Why Ending Child Marriage in Africa Can No Longer Wait
Source: Inter Press Service

Youth unemployment Africa’s greatest challenge
Source: NewsDay

Boko Haram too extreme for 'al Qaeda in W.Africa' brand
Source: Reuters

US prepares investment push into Africa
Source: Financial Times

US special operations troops reportedly training counterterrorism units in Africa
Source: Fox News

Africa maintains growth momentum despite security challenges
Source: Euronews

African young people are shaping their future
Source: UNAIDS

Gabon starts talks on massive Belinga iron ore mining
Source: The Africa Report

Monday, May 26, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 26 May 2014

U.S. Trains African Commandos to Fight Terrorism
Source: New York Times

Saudis drawn to Cameroon as investment and tourism destination
Source: Saudi Gazette

FG to revigorate rural electrification agency •Pledges renewable energy policy soon
Source: Nigerian Tribune

Mobile Internet Comes To Africa In A Big Way
Source: NPR Morning Edition

Why Nigeria, Others Lose Investors in Power
Source: This Day Live

U.S. seeks to expand business opportunities in Africa
Source: BusinessDay

Swaziland's reserves dwindle to $790,000
Source: Aljazeera

For a new approach in US-Africa relations
Source: The Africa Report

The Next 50 Years: Africa’s Obligation to Posterity
Source: Nehanda Radio

Mobile offers brighter future for Africa's rural homes
Source: BBC News

Nigerian military official claims he knows whereabouts of kidnapped girls
Source: CNN

South Africa appoints first lesbian to cabinet
Source: The Guardian

Airtel reiterates commitment to work with govts on human capital
Source: WorldStage

Angola and Gabon 'to become holiday hotspots'
Source: The Telegraph

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 25 May 2014

INTERVIEW-Oil-dependent Gabon seeks to diversify economy -president
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Anura Perera yet to sue Kenya for new demands on Anglo Leasing
Source: Standard Digital

Millennium Villages Project in Africa remains a trend-setter
Source: Gulf Times

Zambia, Uganda, Nigeria, SAPP top winners at African Utility Week Awards
Source: Biztech Africa

Nigeria’s Ventures Magazine Lists 55 Billionaires in Africa
Source: Eurweb

South African Prince wants Brecon Museum to hand over spoils of Anglo-Zulu war
Source: Wales Online

Valid dreams- Lupita Nyong’o, an inspiration for Africa's youth
Source: Seychelles News Agency

Mining industry continues to threaten East Africa’s flamingos
Source: Birdwatch

'The Race to Save Africa's Fastest Cats'
Source: Keene Sentinel

Africa’s First Openly Gay Member of Parliament
Source: O-blog-dee-o-blog-da

There is need today to reflect on why African countries remain underdeveloped-Constitution Grand Coalition
Source: Lusaka Times

Jonathan was not booed in South Africa – Presidency
Source: Daily Post

Obama not seeking plans for US troops to rescue Nigerian girls
Source: Stars and Stripes

Let Africa’s activists attend gay rights conference: Editorial
Source: Toronto Star

Somali minister quits over al-Shabab attack
Source: Aljazeera

Innocent People Die as Crime Soars Across South Africa
Source: Liberty Voice

On Africa Day, Ban urges leveraging continent's potential for the good of all people
Source: UN News Centre

Mbabazi booed as Museveni skips Kanungu event
Source: The Observer

The real financiers of Boko Haram — an alternative viewpoint - PUNCH
Source: Nigerian Bulletin

Etisalat Expands To 11 African Countries
Source: Leadership

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 24 May 2014

Oil-dependent Gabon seeks to diversify economy - president
Source: The West Australian

Grenade attack rocks Djibouti cafe
Source: Aljazeera

What President Uhuru Kenyatta-led PAC report said on Anglo Leasing
Source: Standard Digital

Elephant Poachers Have a New Problem: U.S. Marines
Source: takepart

US says committed to support Africa's economic growth
Source: World Bulletin

IGAD regional heads meet in South Africa
Source: New Vision

Leadership paradigm for a new Africa
Source: The Sunday Independent

Meet the man making politics in South Africa fun again
Source: Quartz

Meet Africa's go-to guy for getting rid of corruption
Source: Independent

MAP: The U.S. military currently has troops in these African countries
Source: Washington Post

11 amazing ways to experience Africa from the air
Source: CNN

Africa in 50 years: what African women want for the future of their continent
Source: Guardian Africa network

Letter from Africa: Nigeria pride and foreign assistance
Source: BBC News

Malawi presidential poll slides into chaos
Source: Aljazeera

Mbabazi Opens Bwindi Nursing School
Source: Chimp Reports

SA, Rwanda cracks show as Kagame absent from Zuma inauguration
Source: Mail & Guardian

Friday, May 23, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 23 May 2014

Security Is Biggest Challenge to Africa's Development - Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon
Source: African Development Bank Group/

Kenya President Wants Parastatal Reforms To Focus On Profitability
Source: Bernama

South Africa’s Political Playground
Source: Africa in Transition

Obama sends U.S. troops to Chad to find Nigerian girls
Source: Battle Creek Enquirer

U.S. Oil Imports From Africa Are Down 90 Percent
Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Terrorism: Africa’s new game changer?
Source: The Herald

Rwanda and France hold talks in Gabon in tense times
Source: New Vision

Africa should be place to flee to, not from
Source: The Star

A new frontier: Africa’s “explosive” homebrew market
Source: Financial Times

Africa Developing Unified Climate Strategy
Source: Voice of America

Top 10 richest women in Africa (Photos)
Source: Sowetan

Washington Worries Boko Haram Planning Attack on U.S. Interests in Africa
Source: NBC News

China opens multilateral approach to Africa with $2bn fund
Source: New Vision

Africa in the News: Investment in Africa Is Rising and Malawi Votes
Source: Brookings Institution

Morocco-Africa : A Cooperation Strategy with Significant Religious Dimension
Source: Medafrica

Mauritanian President lauds AfDB progress
Source: StarAfrica

Turning Africa's resources into rewards
Source: China Daily USA

Museveni meets Kagame, PTA Bank chief
Source: New Vision

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Africa Book of the Day - 21 May 2014

China's Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa by Howard W. French

Release Date:
May 20, 2014
Publisher: Knopf

An exciting, hugely revealing account of China’s burgeoning presence in Africa—a developing empire already shaping, and reshaping, the future of millions of people.

A prizewinning foreign correspondent and former New York Times bureau chief in Shanghai and in West and Central Africa, Howard French is uniquely positioned to tell the story of China in Africa. Through meticulous on-the-ground reporting—conducted in Mandarin, French, and Portuguese, among other languages—French crafts a layered investigation of astonishing depth and breadth as he engages not only with policy-shaping moguls and diplomats, but also with the ordinary men and women navigating the street-level realities of cooperation, prejudice, corruption, and opportunity forged by this seismic geopolitical development. With incisiveness and empathy, French reveals the human face of China’s economic, political, and human presence across the African continent—and in doing so reveals what is at stake for everyone involved.

We meet a broad spectrum of China’s dogged emigrant population, from those single-handedly reshaping African infrastructure, commerce, and even environment (a self-made tycoon who harnessed Zambia’s now-booming copper trade; a timber entrepreneur determined to harvest the entirety of Liberia’s old-growth redwoods), to those just barely scraping by (a sibling pair running small businesses despite total illiteracy; a karaoke bar owner–cum–brothel madam), still convinced that Africa affords them better opportunities than their homeland. And we encounter an equally panoramic array of African responses: a citizens’ backlash in Senegal against a “Trojan horse” Chinese construction project (a tower complex to be built over a beloved soccer field, which locals thought would lead to overbearing Chinese pressure on their economy); a Zambian political candidate who, having protested China’s intrusiveness during the previous election and lost, now turns accommodating; the ascendant middle class of an industrial boomtown; African mine workers bitterly condemning their foreign employers, citing inadequate safety precautions and wages a fraction of their immigrant counterparts’.

French’s nuanced portraits reveal the paradigms forming around this new world order, from the all-too-familiar echoes of colonial ambition—exploitation of resources and labor; cut-rate infrastructure projects; dubious treaties—to new frontiers of cultural and economic exchange, where dichotomies of suspicion and trust, assimilation and isolation, idealism and disillusionment are in dynamic flux.

Part intrepid travelogue, part cultural census, part industrial and political exposé, French’s keenly observed account ultimately offers a fresh perspective on the most pressing unknowns of modern Sino-African relations: why China is making the incursions it is, just how extensive its cultural and economic inroads are, what Africa’s role in the equation is, and just what the ramifications for both parties—and the watching world—will be in the foreseeable future.

Howard W. French is author of A Continent for the Taking: The Tragedy and Hope of Africa (2005) and contributed photographs (with poems by Qiu Xiaolong) to Disappearing Shanghai: Photographs and Poems of an Intimate Way of Life (2012). He is a former correspondent for the New York Times and teaches journalism at Columbia University.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 20 May 2014

Africa’s First Bitcoin ATM Ready for May Launch
Source: CoinDesk

8 Facts about China's Investments in Africa
Source: Brookings Now

Kenya tourism in turmoil amid terror warnings
Source: Fox News

President Bongo to Open World's First African Citizens' Summit in Gabon May 23 at New York Forum Africa
Source: Digital Journal

Confronting fundamental sexism in Africa
Source: Aljazeera

How clean and fair are Africa's mines?
Source: Deutsche Welle

M & G Media launches Africa digital news platform
Source: NewsDay

Islanders drinking less? Large drop recorded in Seychelles alcohol consumption
Source: Seychelles News Agency

Kenya authorities have enhanced security at key installations
Source: Coastweek

Foreign Investment in Africa Seen at Record $80 Billion in 2014, Report Shows
Source: Wall Street Journal

China is a good friend for Africa, ready to support elephant conservation
Source: eTurbo News

The web at 25: what impact has it had across Africa?
Source: The Guardian

Africa investors looking beyond negative headlines -World Bank
Source: Reuters

Betty White To Join Jack Hanna At Heart Of Africa Kick-Off
Source: WBNS-10TV

Africa: Land of Milk and Beef?
Source: AgWeb

Africa’s collective GDP is at least a third larger than officials say it is
Source: Quartz

Gabon Set to Host Afreximbank Economic Forum
Source: AFK Insider

U.N. Eyes African Oil Levy To Fight Disease
Source: Beverly Hills Courier

African art: a good investment?
Source: The Telegraph

Friday, May 16, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 16 May 2014

Mbabazi: Museveni may not run in 2016
Source: The Observer

Farm Workers in Africa Pessimistic About Their Lives
Source: Gallup World

Architecture: Africa in the making
Source: The Africa Report

Life on the run from homophobia
Source: Mail & Guardian

Premier Commits To Carry On Fight Against Poaching And Ivory Trade
Source: China Topix

Tullow may start fracking in Kenya
Source: Irish Examiner

Kenya angry at Western travel warnings as tourists leave
Source: Globe & Mail

2015: Foreign military assistance and Nigeria’s internal politics
Source: National Mirror

Howard French On China’s ‘Wild Rush’ Into Africa
Source: China Digital Times

Kenya activist takes railway project to court, again
Source: Turkish Press

De Beers Sponsors Africa Youth Games
Source: Rapaport/

NNLG facilitates training of 180 Nigerians in ship building in South Korea
Source: Business Day

Angola's oil exports to fall in July-shipping list
Source: Reuters

Private reserve joins efforts on wildlife conservation in Tanzania
Source: eTurbo News

US Embassy in Kenya requests security upgrade
Source: Martins Ferry Times Leader/AP

Can cross-border cooperation save the endangered rhino?
Source: PBS Newshour

Trafficking and Torturing Eritrean Refugees
Source: Dissident Voice

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 15 May 2014

Young leaders plot brighter future for Africa
Source: Cape Argus/IOL News

Interview: Dispelling myths about Chad
Source: How We Made It In Africa

Sudan denounces UN claims LRA leader is present in its territory
Source Sudan Tribune

Gabon drops three firms from oil licensing deal
Source: Business Recorder

Orchid fever grips South Africa
Source: IOL Lifestyle

Britain, U.S. warn citizens of high risk of attacks in Kenya
Source: Chicago Tribune

Rwanda, Uganda kick-start regional railway project
Source: New Vision

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s Visit to Africa: A (Rail)road to Success in Sino-African Relations?
Source: Brookings Institution

Advancing Economic Freedom: An Antidote to Boko Haram
Source: The Heritage Foundation

How to feed Africa and sustain the environment
Source: The Africa Report

How wildlife crime links us all to conflicts in Africa
Source: New Scientist

U.S. Africa Command Team supports Department of State-led support effort in Nigeria
Source: DefenceWeb

Kagame’s Singapore of Africa Economy Rewards Debt: Africa Credit
Source: Bloomberg

What homes Africa’s super rich spend their billions on
Source: Standard Digital

Crisis response Marines positioned closer to Africa
Source: Marine Corps Times

The S Africans making it big in America
Source: TechCentral

The U.S. Military’s New Normal in Africa
Source: Huffington Post

Africa's Richest Woman Plans To Increase Stake In Portuguese Bank
Source: Forbes

Criticism Leveled at China on Africa Investment Is 'Absurd,' Says Ambassador
Source: Wall Street Journal

The surge in Africa direct investment
Source: Financial Times

Nigeria, South Africa among foreign investors’ choice locations in Africa
Source: Premium Times

Africa assumes onus on disaster relief with catastrophe insurance pool
Source: Reuters

Chinese Money In Africa Directed Away From Oil, Toward Other Sectors
Source: International Business Times

Mineral Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Critique
Source: The African Executive

Boko Haram in Nigeria: The Way Forward
Source: Brookings Institution

China Inc. Moves Factory Floor to Africa
Source: Wall Street Journal

From winery to factories, Chinese firms investing billions in South Africa
Source: South China Morning Post

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 14 May 2014

Poachers Slaughter Dozens of Elephants in Key African Park
Source: National Geographic

China to Extend Over $12 Bln in Aid to Africa
Source: China Digital Times

The Second Scramble For Africa Is In Foreign Investments
Source: AFK Insider

How to deliver on 'Africa's promise'
Source: Devex

Mayor’s R107 000 trip to Gabon
Source: The Mercury/IOL News

African cities to unite in Africa Day cultural festival
Source: News24

Let South Sudan learn from South Africa
Source: New Vision

Stop the scramble: Africa rewards patient investors
Source: Financial Times

UN to hear call to boost African technology adoption
Source: IT Web Africa

Muslims and Christians in Africa Work Together to Prevent Malaria
Source: Live Science

Does Debt Forgiveness Work? Ask Africa
Source: Huffington Post

Why A Middle East Telecom Firm Is Choosing A Moroccan Partner To Expand In Africa
Source; Forbes

Mbabazi youths in Museveni U-turn
Source: The Observer

South Africa, Swaziland proposed rail link on hold
Source: BD Live

What the Kenya Railroad Says About China's Approach to Africa
Source: International Business Times

US Restricts Intel from Nigeria on Missing Girls

Will Nigeria’s government acknowledge Boko Haram’s prisoner exchange proposal?
Source: PBS Newshour

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 13 May 2014

Book Reveals Wider Net of U.S. Spying on Envoys
Source: New York Times

SA the ‘drunkest’ country in Africa
Source: The Citizen

Assessing Africa’s readiness for multi-million dollar tech startup deals
Source: Technology Zimbabwe

Uganda at centrestage of Pan African tourism debate
Source: New Vision

Africa is buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit
Source: KSPR/CNN

Global crisis on torture exposed by new worldwide campaign
Source: Amnesty International

High fees on diaspora funds holding back Africa’s growth
Source: Standard Digital

Eskom eyes the rest of Africa
Source: SAPA

Developing Africa Losses $15 Billion in Tax Revenue Over Decade
Source: Wall Street Journal

Indian IT companies tap Africa’s new-fangled fad for technology
Source: Economic Times

Cooperation, trade and education key to Africa's success – Coleman
Source: Media Club South Africa

David Brooks: Get to know the real Africa
Source: The Fresno Bee

American Billionaire Ronald Lauder Is Funding Africa's Cheapest Car
Source: Forbes

Africa is rising – but much remains to be done – WEF
Source: Business Day

The reason every book about Africa has the same cover—and it’s not pretty
Source: Quartz

U.S. Marines Lock & Load: Close Ranks With Anti-Poachers
Source: Global Animal

Scientist urges nuance for Africa-China timber policies
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Death of Ambassador of Togo Under Investigation in Gabon
Source: Prensa Latina

Majority of African Farm Workers Struggle to Afford Food
Source: Gallup World

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 8 May 2014

Snip Decision: Africa's Campaign To Circumcise Its Men
Source: NPR All Things Considered

Michelle Obama's hashtag help sign for Nigerian girls irks Twitter critics
Source: Washington Times

How Africa Can Capitalize on Its Progress
Source: Wall Street Journal

South Africans disappointed by growing inequality
Source: Marketplace

Examining the state of media freedom in Southern Africa
Source: Bizcommunity

36 million arrivals and counting: Sub-Saharan Africa keeps growing
Source: TTG Digital

We Must Break Money Transfer Monopolies in Africa, Says WorldRemit
Source: MarketWatch

Cost of Somali piracy falls, but West Africa piracy increasing: Report
Source: Business Insurance

Civil War Invades An Elephant Sanctuary: One Researcher's Escape
Source: NPR Morning Edition

Report says Africa loses 50 bln USD in illicit cash flows
Source: Shanghai Daily

Nigeria, South Africa partner to push intra-African economic integration
Source: Business Day

Security Worries Cloud African Economic Picture
Source: Wall Street Journal

Global cost of Somali piracy 'halved' in 2013
Source: Aljazeera

Let’s reduce trade barriers, Uhuru tells Abuja panel
Source: Daily Nation

Peacekeeping Missions Lack Trust In Central African Republic
Source: NPR Morning Edition

Hell Is an Understatement: A report from the bloody, crumbling Central African Republic
Source: The New Republic

LRA leader within S. Sudan’s disputed region, says UN
Source: Sudan Tribune

An Hour With Africa’s Richest Man
Source: TIME

ANC losing parliamentary seats in South Africa's elections
Source: The Africa Report

France to Keep Troops in Africa Against Extremists
Source: ABC News/AP

China Proposes China-Africa Regional Aviation Plan
Source: Channels

Africa Features High On Emirates Airline Priority List
Source: Wall Street Journal

Fast growing retail and e-commerce in Africa offers Huge potential – DHL
Source: PC Tech

Content nodes to accelerate Africa’s Internet
Source: Biztech Africa

U.S. Team To Assist Nigeria In Locating Kidnapped School Girls
Source: NPR Morning Edition

Kenya: Uhuru Kenyatta Helped Launch a “Visa free travel in Africa”
Source: Geeska Afrika

Africa Should Not Follow China's Model, Beijing's Ambassador Says
Source: Forbes

What’s Wrong With the Electrify Africa Act
Source: The Nation

Monday, May 5, 2014

New Africa Book of the Day - 5 May 2014

Displacement Economies in Africa edited by Amanda Hammar

Release Date: May 8, 2014
Publisher: Zed Books [Kindle Edition]

Large-scale displacement - whether caused by war, state-related political or development projects, different forms of political violence, structural crisis, or even natural disasters - evokes many stereotypes about those forcibly displaced or emplaced. At the same time there is a problematic lack of attention paid to those who benefit economically from, manage or in various unexpected ways are affected by processes of displacement. In this highly original volume, based on empirical case studies from across sub-Saharan Africa, the authors provide fresh insights into the unexpected changes, complex agency and persistent dynamism entailed in displacement processes. In doing so, the book explores the diversity of actors, strategies and practices that reshape the world in the face (and chronic aftermath) of dramatic moments of violent dislocation and/or enclosure.

An important contribution to a topic of growing scholarly and policy interest.
Amanda Hammar is author of Zimbabwe and Norway (1996) and co-editor (with Brian Raftopoulos and Stig Jensen) of Zimbabwe's Unfinished Business (2000). She is professor of African studies at Copenhagen University.

Africa News Headlines for 5 May 2014

Gabon expects output boost
Source: Upstream

China vows to avoid 'colonial' path in Africa. What will it do instead?
Source: Christian Science Monitor

An Unholy Alliance in East Africa

Trade with Africa will double by 2020, Li Keqiang tells Ethiopia conference
Source: South China Morning Post

China, Ethiopia PMs launch Ethiopia's 1st-ever expressway
Source: Turkish Press

Kenya’s Polygamy Problem
Source: Slate

Microfinance: A little goes a long way
Source: The Daily Progress

Japan, African nations renew vow to join hands in developing Africa
Source: Kyodo News International

The Green War on Africans
Source: National Review Online

Thousands gather for Africa Bike Week
Source: IOL

Beer, banks and cement: Global companies tapping into Africa’s emerging growth pole
Source: Business Day

Inventor battles unsafe drinking water in Africa
Source: USA Today

Africa and Europe need a stable Libya, seminar told
Source: The Irish Times

What role for US in efforts to rescue Nigeria's kidnapped girls?
Source: Alaska Dispatch

African nations assured of continued flow of aid
Source: The Japan Times

US Signs Long-Term Lease for Military Base in Djibouti
Source: Voice of America

DHL optimistic about Africa's retail industry future
Source: New Business Ethiopia

Etisalat to sell African business for $650m
Source: The Peninsula

Apollo signs farm-in over Gabon gold project
Source: Creamer Media's Mining Weekly

Bomb attacks: Kenya deputy president blames judges
Source: Washington Post/AP

Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Africa Book of the Day - 4 May 2014

Agricultural Land Redistribution and Land Administration in Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Studies of Recent Reforms edited by Frank F. K. Byamugisha

Release Date: May 5, 2014
Publisher: World Bank Publications [Kindle Edition]

Agricultural Land Redistribution and Land Administration in Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Studies of Recent Reforms focuses on “how” to undertake land reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa, but with relevant lessons for other developing countries. It provides details, with case studies, on how reforms were undertaken to address a pressing and controversial development challenge in Africa – land ownership inequality – and an intransigent development issue – inefficiency and corruption in land administration. An equally important contribution of the book is assessing reforms and highlighting valuable lessons for other countries contemplating reforms.

The six case studies collectively cover two main areas of land governance: reforms in redistributing agricultural land and reforms in land administration. The first two case studies discuss reforms in redistributing agricultural land in Malawi and South Africa, part of the southern Africa region where land ownership inequalities rival those in Latin America. The remaining case studies, four in number, are focused on addressing corruption and inefficiency in land administration in a variety of contexts of governance including stable and post-conflict countries. The case studies cover:

• Decentralizing land administration with demonstrations from Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Ghana;
• Developing post-conflict land administration systems with examples from Liberia and Rwanda;
• Re-engineering and computerizing land information systems with examples from Ghana and Uganda; and
• Improving management of government land through land inventories with examples drawn from Ghana and Uganda.

The common elements between sometimes disparate experiences provide lessons of relevance to African and other developing countries contemplating similar reforms. The rigorous analysis and yet down-to-earth lessons of experience are a reflection of the authors’ deep global experience underpinned by personal participation in the reforms covered by the book. This volume will be of interest to a wide audience including land specialists and practitioners, African policy makers, experts and managers in the international development community, and the academia.

Frank F. K. Byamugisha is author of Securing Africa's Land for Shared Prosperity: A Program to Scale Up Reforms and Investments (2013) and The effects of land registration on financial development and economic growth: A theoretical and conceptual framework (1999).

Africa News Headlines for 4 May 2014

US offers $30M to Congo for upcoming elections
Source: Herald-Standard

FedEx acquires Supaswift businesses in Southern Africa
Source: Arabian Supply Chain

Retro rhetoric keeps red flag flying in South Africa
Source: DAWN

Kenyan Capital Hit by Blasts a Day After Explosions in Port City
Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Nigeria’s homegrown hydrocarbons sector needs international capital to grow
Source: Financial Times

Nigeria Becomes Biggest Importer Of Kerosene From US
Source: Ventures Africa

DR Congo opens one of Africa's largest gold mines
Source: New Vision

‘Theft and sabotage’ lead Nigeria into an oil crisis
Source: Financial Times

Childhood fascination with Africa becomes annual trek for Tucson woman
Source: Arizona Daily Star

Once lauded as model, Turkey's Africa initiative loses momentum
Source: Today's Zaman

McCarrick on a mission for peace in Africa
Source: Washington Post/AP

THE CHATTER: It doesn't pay to connect Africa's poor to the grid
Source: BDLive

Museveni receives award for promoting trade
Source: New Vision

IGAD firmly in control of South Sudan talks, says President Uhuru Kenyatta
Source: Standard Digital

Japan vows to steadily implement $32 billion in aid for Africa
Source: Global Post

China Premier Arrives in Africa Eyeing Better Ties
Source: ABC News/AP

After Kerry talks, Kiir briefs Uhuru in Nairobi
Source: News Kenya

This Troubling Image Explains Why So Many People Are Angry With Erykah Badu
Source: PolicyMic

Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Africa Book of the Day - 3 May 2014

African Development Finance and Business Finance Policy edited by Atsede Woldie and Victor Murinde

Release Date: May 1, 2014
Publisher: Routledge [Kindle Edition]

Financial plans that stimulate growth and eliminate poverty in developing African countries!

African Developmental Finance and Business Finance Policy presents theoretical/conceptual and empirical articles that provide invaluable insights into successful business techniques and strategies for the African business arena—the last great frontier of international business expansion. Researchers and practitioners in the field of developmental finance discuss the design and implementation of financial policies for pro-poor growth and poverty alienation in developing countries, including Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria, Mauritius, and Zimbabwe. The book focuses on banking, business finance, and investment, detailing strategies for coping with a small financial system, bank licensing policies, correction action rules, quality of banking services, and the revitalization of the African stock exchange.

African Developmental Finance and Business Finance Policy
features papers presented on key policy issues addressed at the April 2001 international conference of the Institute for Developmental Policy and Management at the University of Manchester in England...

Topics addressed include:

- financial regulation, interest rates
- bank ownership
- regulatory forbearance
- emerging stock markets
- determinants of capital structure
- financial reform
- and much more!

Targeted to policymakers in government and international agencies, academics, consultants, and executives, African Developmental Finance and Business Finance Policy is an essential resource for advancing and communicating research on developmental policy in developing countries.
Victor Murinde is author of Bank Regulatory Reforms in Africa (2012) and Macroeconomic Policy Modelling for Developing Countries (1993).  Atsede Woldie is principal lecturer in the faculty of business and society at the University of South Wales.

Africa News Headlines for 3 May 2013

Anti-poaching plan wins Eton boys trip to Africa
Source: Windsor Ascot & Eton Express

Gabon oil minister sees rise in 2014 output
Source: Reuters

Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso top African mobile phone growth
Source: Star Africa

Ivory Coast tries ecotourism to save chimpanzees
Source: Appeal-Democrat

Rwanda behind killings of Kagame’s critics
Source: SAPA-AFP

Kenya's trade ties with Nigeria expected to grow
Source: Standard Digital

Pictures: Myleene Klass sends temperatures soaring in South Africa as she models bikini from her own range
Source: Daily Mirror

Responsible Tourism hot on WTM Africa's agenda
Source: eTurbo News

Renewable energy will power Africa’s ambitious future
Source: The National

US Deployments to Africa Raise a Host of Issues
Source: Defense News

Why Ebola isn't just Africa's problem
Source: Detroit Free Press

Premier Li’s visit to boost China-Africa economic ties
Source: CCTV

Kerry Calls for U.S. Investment in Africa, Warns on Corruption
Source: Bloomberg

Africa is on the Rise, and We Need To Help Make Sure it Continues
Source: U.S. Department of State

Envoy warns West to respect Kenya as independent state
Source: Standard Digital

East African leaders launch projects to speed up cargo clearance
Source: Coastweek

Friday, May 2, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 2 May 2014

Africa, India cultivate agricultural research ties
Source: Manica Post

Media Freedom Loses Ground in 2013
Source: Gallup World

Japanese Oil Refiner Opens Office In South Africa
Source: Ventures Africa

Kenya launches electronic system to cut trade red tape
Source: Reuters

President Uhuru Kenyatta's Speech On World Press Freedom Day
Source: The Star

Museveni travels to Kenya for Northern Corridor infrastructure summit
Source: New Vision

Africa Continues Going Mobile
Source: Gallup World

Africa Travel Market opens in Cape Town
Source: News24

Inside China: General hits U.S. in Africa
Source: Washington Times

African hipsters take vintage fashion back to the future
Source: CNN

Many Consider Media Freedom on the Decline
Source: FishbowlNY

Africa benefits from China's Growth: AU
Source: Xinhua

FedEx comes to Malawi, southern Africa
Source: Nyasa Times

Guest post: for growth to count, Africa must industrialise

A surprise: Bush is respected in Africa for launching huge campaign against AIDS
Source: Mondoweiss

Spectacular Kenya basks in Lupita Nyong'o's light
Source: Mail & Guardian

Purveyors of luxury goods have one eye set on Africa

Source: BDLive