Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 28 May 2014

Making a hash(tag) of Africa policy
Source: The Hill

Gabon Oil Company to boost oil sales, eyes acquisitions
Source: Reuters

Independents stepping up role in Nigeria’s oil industry
Source: Business Day

China Turns To Africa For Resources, Jobs And Future Customers
Source: NPR's Fresh Air

Zebras take prize for longest terrestrial large mammal migration in Africa
Source: PBS Newshour

Interactive Map: Africa’s mixed progress on water and sanitation access
Source: Humanosphere

No sex please, we're parliamentarians: S.Africa's ANC
Source: Yahoo! News

U.S. Special Forces Worry #BringBackOurGirls Will Tweet Them Into Africa Like #Kony2012 Did
Source: The Wire

How is China expanding its economic empire in Africa?
Source: PRI's The World

E-learning Africa Conference opens in Uganda
Source: New Vision

Why Ending Child Marriage in Africa Can No Longer Wait
Source: Inter Press Service

Youth unemployment Africa’s greatest challenge
Source: NewsDay

Boko Haram too extreme for 'al Qaeda in W.Africa' brand
Source: Reuters

US prepares investment push into Africa
Source: Financial Times

US special operations troops reportedly training counterterrorism units in Africa
Source: Fox News

Africa maintains growth momentum despite security challenges
Source: Euronews

African young people are shaping their future
Source: UNAIDS

Gabon starts talks on massive Belinga iron ore mining
Source: The Africa Report