Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 20 May 2014

Africa’s First Bitcoin ATM Ready for May Launch
Source: CoinDesk

8 Facts about China's Investments in Africa
Source: Brookings Now

Kenya tourism in turmoil amid terror warnings
Source: Fox News

President Bongo to Open World's First African Citizens' Summit in Gabon May 23 at New York Forum Africa
Source: Digital Journal

Confronting fundamental sexism in Africa
Source: Aljazeera

How clean and fair are Africa's mines?
Source: Deutsche Welle

M & G Media launches Africa digital news platform
Source: NewsDay

Islanders drinking less? Large drop recorded in Seychelles alcohol consumption
Source: Seychelles News Agency

Kenya authorities have enhanced security at key installations
Source: Coastweek

Foreign Investment in Africa Seen at Record $80 Billion in 2014, Report Shows
Source: Wall Street Journal

China is a good friend for Africa, ready to support elephant conservation
Source: eTurbo News

The web at 25: what impact has it had across Africa?
Source: The Guardian

Africa investors looking beyond negative headlines -World Bank
Source: Reuters

Betty White To Join Jack Hanna At Heart Of Africa Kick-Off
Source: WBNS-10TV

Africa: Land of Milk and Beef?
Source: AgWeb

Africa’s collective GDP is at least a third larger than officials say it is
Source: Quartz

Gabon Set to Host Afreximbank Economic Forum
Source: AFK Insider

U.N. Eyes African Oil Levy To Fight Disease
Source: Beverly Hills Courier

African art: a good investment?
Source: The Telegraph