Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 14 May 2014

Poachers Slaughter Dozens of Elephants in Key African Park
Source: National Geographic

China to Extend Over $12 Bln in Aid to Africa
Source: China Digital Times

The Second Scramble For Africa Is In Foreign Investments
Source: AFK Insider

How to deliver on 'Africa's promise'
Source: Devex

Mayor’s R107 000 trip to Gabon
Source: The Mercury/IOL News

African cities to unite in Africa Day cultural festival
Source: News24

Let South Sudan learn from South Africa
Source: New Vision

Stop the scramble: Africa rewards patient investors
Source: Financial Times

UN to hear call to boost African technology adoption
Source: IT Web Africa

Muslims and Christians in Africa Work Together to Prevent Malaria
Source: Live Science

Does Debt Forgiveness Work? Ask Africa
Source: Huffington Post

Why A Middle East Telecom Firm Is Choosing A Moroccan Partner To Expand In Africa
Source; Forbes

Mbabazi youths in Museveni U-turn
Source: The Observer

South Africa, Swaziland proposed rail link on hold
Source: BD Live

What the Kenya Railroad Says About China's Approach to Africa
Source: International Business Times

US Restricts Intel from Nigeria on Missing Girls

Will Nigeria’s government acknowledge Boko Haram’s prisoner exchange proposal?
Source: PBS Newshour