Thursday, December 4, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 4 December 2014

Djibouti: Iran’s strategic Policy in Africa “friend and brother"
Source: Geeska Afrika

Kenya arrests 77 Chinese over 'hacking'
Source: Aljazeera

Tanzania Shows It Has A Woman’s Constitution
Source: Africa in Transition

Uganda begins issuance of national identity cards
Source: StarAfrica

Efforts to dignify SA sex trade
Source: Pretoria News

Kenya Looks for Tourism Boost
Source: O'Dwyer's

The AIDS-Fighting Tampon
Source: The Atlantic

Iran nuke deal a game-changer
Source: Cape Times

Gabon Builds Replica of Mohammed V Mausoleum
Source: Morocco World News

Abortion: Uganda registers 800 daily, 1,500 girls die annually
Source: New Vision

Gay and lesbian Gambians live in fear of ‘aggravated homosexuality’ law
Source: The Guardian

OPEC Batters Nigeria to Gabon Bonds as Crude Oil Drops
Source: Bloomberg

Bloomberg: African oil explorer Tullow ripe for a takeover

Canceling safaris over misplaced Ebola fear hurts Africa and its wildlife
Source: Los Angeles Times

Busch: Night is falling on Nigeria (1)
Source: The Guardian

Civil society unhappy with President Museveni’s World AIDS Day remarks
Source: The Independent

Benefits of circumcision 'outweigh the risks'
Source: Mail Online

Gabon strike cuts oil output, shutters refinery, says union
Source: Business Day

Mbabazi camp keen on NRM court battles
Source: The Observer

Male Ebola survivors asked to abstain from sex
Source: IRIN

Gabon Creates New Marine Park System, Saving Species In 18,000 Ocean Sq Miles
Source: PRNewswire

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