Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 1 July 2014

Oscar Pistorius ruled sane, as South Africa again transfixed by murder trial (+video)
Source: Christian Science Monitor

John Oliver Breaks Down the U.S. Influence on Uganda's Anti-Gay Laws
Source: The Wire

Priest Pioneers Peace Process Amid CAR’s Chaos
Source: Eurasia Review

Detained journalist to appear in #Swazi court
Source: MWC News

Is the United States Cutting Aid to Uganda Going to Help?
Source: Care2

Industrialise, Africa's Least Developed Countries urged
Source: IPP Media

Texas teen hunts game in Africa, petition asks Facebook to take down her pictures
Source: KVUE-TV

UN blacklists Ugandan group for using child soldiers
Source; Aljazeera America

Tropical countries' growing wealth may aid conservation
Source: Phys.org

Marzouki Visits Sahel Seeking Investment Opportunities
Source: Tunisia Live

Top Turkish real estate company to invest in Uganda
Source: New Vision

Kenya wants Modi visit
Source: Business Standard

Uganda TV station banned after showing president asleep in parliament
Source: Citi 97.3 FM

Global viewpoint: African cement sector
Source: World Cement

John Oliver goes after Uganda’s anti-gay law (Video)
Source: Washington Post

Obama's Secret Neo-Con Agenda
Source: Forbes

To Save Nigeria's Girls From Boko Haram, We'll Need to Help the Boys Too
Source: Take Part

Soccer: African Islamism and the “Beautiful Game”
Source: Africa in Transition

‘Oil to cash’ module can reduce corruption
Source: GhanaWeb

Kenyans can now register business via phones
Source: Capital FM

Kabila May Change Congo’s Constitution To Hang Onto Power
Source: AFK Insider

For Rangers on the Front Lines of Anti-Poaching Wars, Daily Trauma
Source: National Geographic