Thursday, July 3, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 3 July 2014

Will Ethiopia’s New Sovereign Credit Rating Increase Foreign Investment?
Source: Brookings/Africa in Focus

Arab Spring Largely Ignored in Sub-Saharan Africa
Source; Gallup World

West Africa fertile ground for pharmas
Source: Destiny Connect

Ex-Ugandan intelligence chief warns against military intervention in S. Sudan
Source: Sudan Tribune

Equatorial Guinea disqualified from Africa Cup of Nations
Source: Soccerway

Africa: Four reasons skilled workers leave - and how to keep them
Source: Radio Netherlands

Analysis: Uganda sucked into CAR vortex
Source: Daily Maverick

Africa: On the frontier
Source: Financial Times

E-commerce could challenge bricks and mortar retail in Africa

RED ALERT: Africa's vulture population in danger
Source: The Himalayan

African nations give Rwandan rebels six months to disarm
Source: Ahram Online

John Githongo: corruption in Kenya is poisoning politics
Source The Guardian

Kagame hosts Museveni, Kenyatta for integration meet
Source: New Vision

How fast is Africa really growing?
Source: Business Times

Challenges of transit trade and trade facilitation in West Africa addressed by UNCTAD at workshop
Source: UNCTAD

Central African Republic: “It’s the Economy, Stupid!”
Source; Africa in Transition

China is a force for good in Africa
Source: People's Daily

Camco, Eiser to help run Africa fund
Source: ReCharge

China Continues to Expand Its Influence into Africa
Source: IVN

Thai ivory boom 'fuelling Africa elephant crisis'
Source: New Vision

African-Elephant Poaching Soars as Ivory Prices Triple in China
Source: TIME

Analysis: Understanding organized crime in Africa
Source: IRIN

What are the Chinese up to in Africa?
Source: The Spectator

PSD student to be ‘youth ambassador’ in South Africa
Source: Coloradoan

Tech solutions from Africa: The next big thing?
Source: Deutsche Welle

African wildlife-hunting cheerleader Kendall Jones targeted by critics
Source: Fox News

Ugandans ignorant about the East African Court of Justice
Source: New Vision

Booming economies are not boosting employment in Africa, why?
Source: The Guardian

Africa Must Have Coherent Approach to Trade Negotiations
Source: Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

Africa's number crunchers leave investors in the dark
Source: Reuters

Africa's Richest Man To Build 11 Health Centers in Nigeria To Combat Polio
Source: Forbes

Electrify Africa, Energize Africa and Power Africa: Partnering With Africa for the Long Run
Source: Roll Call

US warns of terror threat at Ugandan airport, nearly 4 decades after deadly hijacking
Source: Fox News

Ugandan president calls Western aid ‘unreligious,’ ‘sinful’
Source: The Washington Times