Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 6 August 2014 - U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Day 3

Heat, hair and hankies: 
the best red-carpet moments from the White House’s Africa summit dinner
Source: The Washington Post

The shadow of China: An ‘800-pound gorilla’ lurks
over the effort to improve ties between the US and Africa

Source: The Hill

George W. Bush to crash first ladies' summit with Michelle Obama, Laura Bush
Source: New York Daily News

Has the US left it too late to win over Africa?
Source: Channel 4 News

U.S. moves to cash in on African economic promise
Source: Los Angeles Times

Follow the money to root out threat of financial crimes
Source: The Hill

Obama: Investment in Africa Depends on Security
Source: Voice of America

Africa Leaders Summit: America's dirty little secret
Source: The Hill

From the segregated South to the U.S. Africa summit, a diplomat comes full circle
Source: The Washington Post

Advocates Seize on White House Africa Summit to Call for End to Child Marriage
Source: TIME

U.S., African Leaders Unveil Trade Deals at Summit
Source: The Wall Street Journal

'Mugabe among sub-Saharan Africa's worst leaders'
Source: Bulawayo24

Uganda Lands on Mercury
Source: O'Dwyer's

Barack Obama touts Africa deals in U.S. catch-up game
Source: Politico

China and the US Compete for Influence in Africa
Source: The Diplomat

Reinforcing LGBT rights at the US-Africa Leaders Summit
Source: The Hill

Michelle Obama's Open Letter to American Girls: 
Commit to Your Education & Get Involved in Others'
Source: Seventeen

Highlights from Brookings's Business and Innovation in Africa Event
Source: Brookings Institution

Reemergence of the African Rat Pack
Source: Huffington Post

Guest list for the African Summit dinner at the White House
Source: The Washington Post

Can African Leaders Improve the US-Africa Summit?
Source: Africa Up Close/The Wilson Center

Analysis – Shadowed by Bush, Obama seeks Africa legacy makeover
Source: Euronews

Policymakers tackle ‘significant’ and growing security challenges
Source: The Hill

As U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Begins, 
Key Members of Congress Say AGOA Must Be Reauthorized
Source: Brookings Institution

Three Things to Watch at the First-Ever US-Africa Leader’s Summit
Source: Africa Up Close/Wilson Center

Barack Obama meets with Ugandan President after anti-gay law struck down
Source: Pink News

Powering sub-Saharan Africa
Source: The Hill

The U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit was spared these notorious motorcades; 
plus, build your own!
Source: The Washington Post

Reinforcing LGBT rights at the US-Africa Leaders Summit
Source: The Hill

Final day of Obama's Africa summit to focus on security and corruption
Source: CNN

Is the US Serious About Africa?
Source: Africa Up Close/Wilson Center

A Conversation on the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit
Source: Brookings Institution

Michelle Obama, Laura Bush reunite again on Africa
Source: Hutchinson News

HRW Calls for Summit to Focus on Human Rights
Source: Voice of America

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