Sunday, August 3, 2014

Special Edition: U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit - Video Previews

Assistant Secretary of State Linda Thomas-Greenfield
Several recent video presentations provide a preview of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit that will take place this week in Washington, D.C.

About four dozen African heads of state and government are scheduled to participate in the three-day series of meetings.  Two presidents -- from Liberia and Sierra Leone -- have canceled their plans to attend the summit in order to address the threat of an Ebola epidemic in their countries.

On Thursday, July 31, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, assistant secretary of State for African affairs, spoke at the Atlantic Council of the United States.  In this video, Dr. J. Peter Pham, who leads the African studies program at the ACUS, introduces Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield and later moderates questions posed to her by the audience. The Atlantic Council has a web page dedicated to news about the summit.

In the previous week, on July 22, the United States Institute of Peace hosted three diplomats with extensive experience in African affairs to discuss "U.S. Policy Today for Africa Tomorrow." The participants were Ambassador Princeton Lyman and former assistant secretaries of State for African affairs Johnnie Carson and George Moose. The panel was moderated by Susan Stigant and introduced by Kristin Lord, acting president of USIP.

One week before that, on July 15, the National Endowment for Democracy hosted a panel discussion on "Fostering Democracy, Good Governance, and Human Rights in Africa Through Security Sector Assistance." The participants were Christopher Holshek, Leslie Anne Warner and Daniel Hampton.

On July 31, the White House released a video of remarks by National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice (a former assistant secretary of State for African affairs) offering a preview of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit.

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