Sunday, April 6, 2014

Africa News Headlines for 6 April 2014

How access to power can fuel Africa's economic growth 
Source: CNN

As Ebola spreads in Africa, how worried should West be? 
Source: USA Today

Nigeria becomes Africa's largest economy
Source: Aljazeera

Army, Boko Haram Working Together in Parts of Nigeria?
Source: Voice of America

The Great Rift Valley - a name for an aircraft 
Source: eTurbo News

Cofek warns President Uhuru Kenyatta against disrupting devolution 
Source: Standard Media

Meet Fritz Ekwoge, a Cameroonian Developer of an App That Eliminates the USB Flash Drive Source:

New PM appointed in Mali as entire government quits
Source: BBC News

Paul Simon celebrates Masekela's 75th birthday
Source: AP

U.N. chief warns against repeat of Rwanda in Central African Republic 
Source: CNN

Migrants crisis clouds Africa's rebirth dream 
Source: Daily Nation

It’s Not Just Uganda: Behind the Christian Right’s Onslaught in Africa
Source: The Nation

Somali leader vows to eliminate Al-Shabaab as more arrested in swoop
Source: Midnimo